Okay…so finally the first carpet in my new line is available for sale exclusively on LiveLikeYou. It’s called the Electric, it’s a New Zeeland Wool carpet that’s super soft and very colorful. (Shock!) After I designed it I couldn’t think of anything else to call it expect The ELECTRIC. I was so inspired a few months ago when I was reading an old David Hicks book I wanted to create a new colorful take on the classic honey comb pattern.

It can be used with colorful walls, or white walls.  It’s a pop of color and pattern in a room. But while it’s strong it can still be surprisingly peaceful. I wanted something that would make a room…nothing else needed if you don’t feel like it.

All images Tanya Malott


The carpet is available in four sizes: 6 x 9,  8 x 10,  9 x 12, 11 x 14

And it’s available in four color ways.



It’s been really fun to see it go from my little drawing. I’m old fashioned…I have to draw first.  Here’s an Iphone image.

Then the fun part, before doing a computer rendering, is selecting the colors. To me everything is about color.


And here are a couple of more colors…

I wanted one that was a “natural” version. More toned down…


And the one I’m adding in my own dining room now that I have a “real” office.

The Red Electric.


I like it with my blue chairs and fern green walls.

And one more image…


Thank You to talented photographer TANYA MALOTT for the great images!!

And a big THANK YOU to DC Modern Luxury for including it in their  latest issue -loved the description.

“The 70’s inspired collection is a retro modern mash up of old school style with modernist subtleties and pops of color” – DC Modern Luxury

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8 thoughts on “It's ELECTRIC!

  1. Oh, how exciting!! You must be so proud. They colors and the pattern are swoon worthy. I'm especially smitten with the orange color. Congrats!!!

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