Inside my Week – life in LA

Where does time go?

Our life is finally getting organized here in LA. My office is almost set up, all business licenses and bank account transfers are soon completed, Luke is settled and very happy in his new school and our house in Virginia has sold.  2 1 /2 months have already slipped by in a flash!

Life is a much simpler & beautiful thing here and our little bungalow rental is as relaxed inside as we are.

The living room mirror now is in the small entry allowing for some sea side feel when you first come in.

My birthday celebration was pretty simple. My only wish was…

…a request to Elin (from Sweden who is living with us) to bake some delicious Swedish cinnamon rolls. They are in in fact too delicious to have at home, because I’ve eaten almost all of them.

Perhaps they are the reason I started jogging again a few days a week?

I’m so in awe of the leaning super tall palm trees on my jogging path.

Seriously how do they not fall over?

Some beautiful Kilims we had in storage now adorn a lot of our floors. I figured if we are living with white walls let the floors have a ton of color.

I need color.


It’s November and I wake up to this in the morning, barefoot, when I know friends back home are freezing.

How can I complain?

The gorgeous Pacific is a few blocks away.

More of the kilims that cover our floors. They make me happy to look at.

I still have not worn socks.

Lunch at Soho House enjoying insane views and great company.

Relaxed decor in most of the bungalow, especially in Luke’s room.


…the very simplest Halloween decor.

I find minimalism to be a bummer, but less was more this year. A skeleton was all.

Even from a parking garage in town the sunset here is stunning.


No, this is not a Halloween pic…but feels like it.  I put some of the stuff in self storage for the first time.  It felt like a morgue. People have too much stuff, and I was one of them. Do you have stuff in storage?

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4 thoughts on “Inside my Week – life in LA

  1. Jill,
    I would love to try your Swedish cinnamon rolls. Would you be willing to share your recipe? Also, I LOVE all your colorful rugs…so so beautiful.

    1. HI Julie,
      I would be happy to share! It's actually Elin's recipe, but will make sure to share this week or next on the blog. They are so delicious and not super sweet.

  2. I never tire if looking at that mirror! I am in love with all off your kilims rugs. I feel you on the need for colour. I can't live without it either:-). Happy to hear that your son is transitioning smoothly.

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