I hope you had a good week.

We are enjoying every minute over here and are not ready to leave.

Here are some pictures from our week.

photo 3(4)

photo 1(2)

Amusing art from lots of vintage shopping.

photo 2(2)

Monogram carpet-Lavender.


The old stone bridge in the town I grew up in close by Karlstad. The main who built this beautiful old bridge committed suicide before it was used in fear it wouldn’t last. If he had only known it’s still being used 200 years later.

photo 1(4)

Only took a year to meet with the electrician to switch the American lamp cords…

photo 2(3)

The daily pick up soccer games with the kids who  live in the village.

photo 4(3)

The boys of Torp village. Forget phones, texting, here you knock on the door and get playmates.

photo 1(8)

My neighbor’s horse.

photo 4(4)

My Yellow Deco bedding launching next week with a Swedish vintage pillow that says “Happiness is to love you”.

phogto 4(4)

The TV room is now pink.

photo 4(3)

Downtown Karlstad – enjoying a walk in the town I grew up in.

photvo 1(4)

And the endlessly light summer nights.



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