Inside my week – Final goodbye

This has been a week to remember…

Here are some pics from a very stressful, overwhelming, moving, strange yet beautiful week.


Thank God I started the week in Santa Barbara….

…taking in insanely gorgeous nature.

Seriously how can you not love California?

Kind of like the Garden of Eden.

I went from that to…

…DC to celebrate and thank all those wonderful people who have helped our charity Knock Out Abuse Against Women for 20 years.

You are all amazing for helping Knock Out thrive. And thanks to Cheryl for working so hard with me living in LA now!

Early the next morning I was doing this….AGAIN!

No this is not a picture from August. The house was staged for sale as you can see different furniture in it. Our house sold so I came to move out our personal items and prepare for an estate sale. Sick of this. So sick of it.

I had to decide whether…..

…items would stay…

…or be sold.

Hard when you love everything, but it can’t come across the country and it can’t fit in to this little bungalow!

I managed to squeeze in some photo shoots and even a partial client install.

Here is Stacey Goldberg shooting a boy’s room. We have tons more to shoot.

I was so lucky to stay with my dear friend Katia who made me feel like I was in Belgium all week. Check out her sweet breakfast area. She is a fantastically talented landscape architect – if you are looking for someone in the DC area –

The few hours I had off we took a 4 mile hike through DC and over the Potomac river.

Why on earth didn’t I do this hike when I lived here?

Moody, rainy and stunning walk. If you are ever visiting do this…start at the House of Sweden in Georgetown and walk along river over Memorial Bridge and cross back over via Key Bridge.  You won’t regret it.

We got off the plane and within minutes Mehreen and Elin helped me set up an office space in garage/studio that will be our base for the next few months as my “office” arrives here with the trucks on Tuesday.

Tonight back on our quiet street in LA, I could for the first time in months feel a glimmer of peace. Soon it’s all over, all this moving stress.

The main thing I have been pondering this week is…why the heck did I have so much stuff?

Why do so many of us have so much stuff?

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4 thoughts on “Inside my week – Final goodbye

  1. That is a brilliant question I have asked myself repeatedly over this past year. We downsized as empty nesters from 3500 sq ft on a half acre to a 2000 sf townhome with a back patio. while it was difficult getting rid of things I had loved for many years, they are just things and we have survived quite nicely and I continue to practice "less is more" as I shop and decorate this newly remodeled space. Good luck and welcome to California.

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