Inside my month in LA

The past few weeks has been a time of never ending change and renewal. After a few years of pretty much being a workaholic I’ve taken some time off to get Luke settled and happy in his new school, see old & meet new friends, and to adjust to a whole new life in a bungalow on the other side of the country.  I’ve also allowed myself some quiet time to focus on where my company is headed next, as big changes lay ahead in that department.

Since my “official” office is still in Virginia for just ten more days (GULP!) all that quiet is about to change. Next week we go back to DC do the final move out of our house, host an estate sale (Oct 11-3 if you are DC), shoot five design projects, charity meetings, and then the set up studio/slash office here in LA.  Oh boy.

But hopefully I’ve gained clear direction on where I’m heading while doing some of this…

(All pics from [email protected] )

Visiting a slew of beaches.

Setting up our rented bungalow.  Hint at my new MARK pillow sample in Iris is here.

Endless dog walks and having time to look at other people’s designs not being so caught up in what I have on my design plate.

Testing new colors for bedding. Here is coral in the Bang Bang design.

Looking at new samples. (Happy as a clam when new design the MONOGRAM pillow samples arrived.)

Obsessing over these majestic palm trees that are everywhere. They are just so insanely cool!

I’ve done some work in a very temporary home office.

Since we are all squeezed in to much smaller space I feel like there are pets everywhere! (A very tired dog the morning after her first doggy day care)

Life has been more simple and complex all at with everything.

And I of course have to mention the weather. Cool enough for a sweater overnight, but sunny and warm all day to hang bathing suits out to dry after the beach.  Actually a bit disorienting is it fall…?

Have you ever had a time of change in your life? I would LOVE to hear about it.

Looking forward to conquering all the changes & challenges & adventures.

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8 thoughts on “Inside my month in LA

  1. Love this blog and especially your " no fear of color" attitude. I am an artist living in NC. I lost my precious husband last year and have been readjusting everything it seems. I have been doing commissions and staying busy with making my house more suited for me alone instead of a family. ( I have 2 adult children that no longer live with me). Looking into your life is like sharing with a girlfriend the things girls love. Thank you!

    1. Hi Dianne,
      Thank You so much for your comment. What a major and difficult life change you have gone through! Life is not always easy. When Luke's dad passed away last year we redesigned our home with all these wild colors to create a cheerful change but wanted a bigger change. This move out west has been challenging and scary but also so refreshing and exciting. Like starting over. I wish you the best of luck with your new beginning!

  2. My husband and I moved to Arlington, Va this summer just as I started reading about your departure from this area. I love being able to walk to dinner, glad my husband can walk to work in 5 minutes,and am really loving exploring all the great shopping areas. But moving from a good sized house into a 2 bedroom apartment, and in a very urban area, has me feeling a bit caged. I'm making an effort to feel more comfortable here by volunteering at the hospital and joining a military spouses club. I know it takes time to acclimate to new surroundings so I'm trying to look on the bright side, especially since my husband loves his new job.

  3. Jill, the East Coast's loss is L.A.'s gain! Fortunately, we're all still connected….I love your website, I love your style. I love opening a magazine to a page and thinking "this looks like Jill's style", and then finding that it IS about you! Best of luck to you and Luke in your new world….I look forward to more new decorating ideas, and keeping up with your new life!

    Lisi (Joe's former babysitter!)

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