Hey Jude…

WARNING this is not about design!

There are those times when you’re asked to step back in to your old profession…. and in my case that CRACKS ME UP!  A couple of days before I left for Sweden was one of those days…

My “ex-model” friend Dawn Gallagher was chairing an event for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in New York that help kids battling cancer.  She called on her “ex-model” friends to do a runway show “Supermodels of the 80’s-90’s”. hahaha I wasn’t exactly a supermodel, but of course I had to go to go NYC and participate….with or without my walker…!

It was like going to a college reunion seeing some of the girls I used to work with all the time. Here are some of us before the show.  It was such a blast to see old friends.  Most of us “retired” this job years ago, so to put on a dress and walk a run way was a barrel of laughs!! But I have to say they all looked amazing. Who says women don’t get better with age?

Dawn Gallagher is all the way to the left.  She has a book out with great natural beauty tips…

In her book Nature’s Beauty Secret you can find beauty tips with ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen.  You would be surprised how many food items in your home are excellent when applied to your skin. She will share some on the blog soon.

Like in the old days it starts in a very unglamorous way. Getting your hair and makeup done. Impossible for hyper people like myself.

The event and show took place at Villa Pacri downtown.

This is the designer Michael Kaye — his dresses are incredibly beautiful. Check out his site here. Here he is with Kelly LeBrock who was in the show as well. You might remember her from “Woman in Red” in the 80’s? She looked awesome in his red dress!

We got dressed downstairs. Karina (to my right) and I used to be with Ford Models and worked a bunch together.  We reminded each other how much we worked out back then. Wish I had been to the gym before this…

Image Eric Klein

Here is Dawn with her co-chair Marcella Warren. Who would have known it was a rainy day in NY? They are so amazing to take time out to do this event. The stories some parents shared were heart wrenching. I couldn’t think of a better organization to support.

Ann Bezamat on the left. She kept cracking me up….The dresses were awesome.

Okay so for some informal non runway modeling. Here comes Kelly….

Images here and below by Eric Klein.

…looking like the stunning lady in red…

Ann!! D-n still got the modeling chops!

And EEEEEEEKK…. me….

hahaha this CRACKS ME UP!!

I was able to do it without falling or stepping on someone’s dress!

But if this raised just a little money to buy chemo for kids in need, I would do it a million times over again. You can still donate to Hope Blooms event. All donations go directly to treatments.

Hope you have a good weekend!

P.S. Did you ever switch professions? What did you use to do? Please share!

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7 thoughts on “Hey Jude…

  1. So many pretty girls! All of you are still beautiful. Oh gosh I have had so many careers! But I was a flight attendant , fitness instructor (still am) and now designer. I'm all over the place 🙂

  2. Jill this is such a heart warming and worth while cause. How amazing that you girls pulled together for this.
    You all look stunning and I am sure you took the breath away from many happy donors.

    Are you back in the US or still at home. Where ever you are, I am sure you will celebrate the 4th July and I wish you a fabulous weekend.


    Charlotta x

  3. For all of your subscriber's- Note: Jill is beautiful on the outside (as we see) but even more so on the inside.
    Jill, this IS great! I know HOW hard you've been working, Ms. Superfocus! So, it's neat to see that BIG SMILE on your face & seeing YOU get dressed up, hair done & having fun in the spotlight again! I could "hear" your laugh- looking at the pic's of you and the girl's! I'm really glad to see you (& Dan) enjoying life ! Could see him clapping at you in the audience-adorable.
    Oh, career's- Drive-in girl on RollerSkates, the Big Chicken (hwy.18- CL.Iowa); Pumping Gas & Parking Boats @ a Marina (Clear Lake, Iowa), then Modeling w/ Wilhelmina :~), along w/ doing "Stunt Work" for the Commercial's I was in ("Hire Julie, she'll do anything!"), Antique Dealer, Art & Painting Restoration (and, Refurbishing Antiques) and now- Interior Designer & Jewelry Designer with Carlyle Design in Santa Monica.
    Glad you didn't ask about hobbies.

  4. Jill, Jill — you all look stunning (and especially you! you are never going to want to hang out with me!).

    What a wonderful cause – and yes, I am pretty sure that St. Jude's is going to ask you back! How dould they not?!

    Njut av sommarsolen!


    P.S You and your walker… Ha! Funny girl!

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