Here’s what happened to my foyer chair!

Remember a while back… I was redoing the foyer chair?

Many of you probably won’t like this makeover, but it’s funny how you plan on doing one thing, and then you do something completely different.

This is where I started out…

I had so many fabric choices I couldn’t make up my mind.

I needed it ready for a photo shoot on a certain day, so that ruled out a couple of my front runners like the yellow bamboo.

I then decided I didn’t want anything too cute.

Here is the chair originally.


Martin Lawrence Bullard fabric. He is a design genius. But yep, everyone might not agree with this print as the first thing you see when you enter.

But I wanted the chair to be it’s own entertaining vibe. And I wanted all the colors to tie in with the three rooms you see when you enter the house. I also want to be able to move it soon to another room.

Hello lively chair?

The outside and the back of the chair I covered in black velvet. The legs got high gloss white paint.

That way the print is only busy from one direction.

I added contrasting black velvet piping to add some definition.

Is it the perfect look with the wall and floor?

No. But it entertains me.

And I can’t really see anything wrong with that?

After all, our home is a place we should be who we are….or perhaps figure out who we are?

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13 thoughts on “Here’s what happened to my foyer chair!

  1. I think this is fantastic! It isn't busy at all because the black velvet balances it. You have great talent, Jill. Not everyone would have the vision to use that particular fabric. Beautiful!

  2. love it and that button detail is scrumtious….it would make me smile every time I walked in the door and isnt that what a home is supposed to do?

  3. I love that fabric! I read the post about Martin's fabric first and spyed this fabric as curtains first. I loved them and it made me scroll back up to look at them again! How perfect that you choose to recover a chair in it.

  4. Amazing indeed, even I didn't find anything wrong that makeover!! It's really looking a brand new chair and I admire your creative decorating idea pretty much. Thanks for lovely allocation.

  5. Wow!!! my god what a designable chair which is very comfortable. I will come to you to know the handy discussion as well. I am sure the article must essential for me. Thanks!!!

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