Hello world!

I hope you all had a great  holiday! I never thought I would write this…but I’m so happy to be back from Siberia, oh I mean Sweden. It’s 27 degrees Fahrenheit here in Virginia and it has never felt warmer!! I have electricity, a working shower, clean clothes and warm floors. I feel so spoiled!  The lost suitcase arrived in Stockholm the last night, so I even got my clothes!! We arrived in New York in a blizzard yesterday afternoon, and took a long snowy never ending train ride back to DC.  We of course had to end the vacation with the same snowy bang as we started it in!!

So now I don’t have to worry about making fires to keep the house warm, or cleaning after sick people. I can just sit here and worry about shallow things…like what color I’m going to paint my living room walls.  I’m pretty  tempted by some of these blues.

Images via Lonny Magazine.

Do I dare go this turquoise color in the main room of the house? Would you?

It’s a pretty smashing backdrop…but I have double height ceilings in the living room and it opens up to every room in the house. Hmm….

Love it with green, brown and black.

Too Caribbean? Perhaps, then absolutely not.

This darker blue is pretty, but too dark I think.

Ahh that pretty color again…

Tonight I’ll take a hot bath, and lay around and read all the new design books I got for Christmas. Oh, how one can feel pampered..



Patty you’re now the owner of this pretty, colorful purse!!

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16 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Welcome back! I can't imagine how 27 f will be considered warm, but at least it's livable 🙂 I love these cool blue/green hues (and wasn't the latest Lonny great?) but it would be too much for my guy. Would love to live vicariously through your walls, though 🙂

  2. Welcome back to Virginia! It looks like you had a very white Christmas!

    I love the blue in the last photo, and especially with the sea foam green border.


  3. välkommen hem! (nothing like a english to swedish dictionary!) I am in love with the blues from Lonny myself…especially with the splash of orange! Have fun perusing your design books…can't wait to see your room, whatever color you choose to paint it!

  4. Oh, what a memorable Christmas you've had! And beautiful photos. Must say, I answered "yes" to a number of your "have you ever" questions. Including the flu on the first day visiting family in England. Glad you are home safe and sound.

    We painted the livingroom of our last house similar to the last photo, but a little more on the green side. it was beautiful during the day, but at night, with the electric lights on, it took on a life of it's own. Husband said it reminded him of a Korean bar ! I think that last photo looks lovely though.


    1. Hi Polly, maybe those long overnight flights that are to blame…Your husband's description is so funny…a Korean bar!! That could perhaps be a plus? Sounds original!!

  5. Welcome back….What a ride you have had….a memorable holiday for sure. Without question I'm sure you enjoyed the hot bath, having your luggage back and feeling like you came back to civilization. 🙂
    Love the color of the last photo…..

  6. Love Lonny..love their fresh eye. The success of this color hinges on the balance of other colors in the room. These rooms all work because of the browns, blacks and complementary reds and oranges. Could totally work in open space with careful consideration to adjoining room views.

    I can think of one house with a turquoise LR that just feels like a chlorinated swimming pool because there is nothing to temper it. Aaah, but a swimming pool may not be a bad association in this weather!

    But you already know all of this. You have such a great eye and would make it work.

    Enjoy the remainder of your holiday!

  7. Welcome back! I have turquoise on my walls in my Living Room and Love it still after 4 years, unusually long for me. The trick to having blue walls is to mix it with warm colors in the room or else it feels frigid. I chose to mix in the room the colors indigo blue, bright green and sienna brown. I also like it with black like in your first picture, but it can feel very cold, I like how she mixed it with lots of green though…

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