Hello Sweden – it’s so good to see you!

This past month has been a crazy time for my family in Sweden.

My father has been in and out of the hospital, my brother had a ski accident and ended up in the same hospital as my father. Then suddenly my uncle passed away and a week later my mother and niece were in a car accident.¬† Living so far away from your family is really difficult and in times like that supremely stressful. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more relived to arrive home. Thankfully after some harrowing time, they are all okay, my father is on the mend and Sweden is in full spring bloom.

And this old sweet home was still there waiting for us.

It’s s good to be here.

And open the window and smell the fresh spring country air.

See the birch tree beginning to bloom behind the little  shed.

To see the new happy yellow kitchen with the new floor.

My funny niece Zoe.

The vintage sheets with my Sunshine Deco Bedding in one big girly mix.

My other funny niece Irma.

Watching Pippi Longstocking with them in the morning.

“Vitsipporna” the Spring flowers blooming in the forest.

The lake is overflowing from all the snow melt and although I can’t reach my new dock, I’m still more in awe of the beauty of it all.

Luke had to stay back in school, so I’m so lucky to have these two funny girls as my little companions.

Enjoying this place as much as I do.

There’s definitely healing in nature, family and sunshine.

All felt as it should when my mother still didn’t want her picture taken…

…and my father could get back in the saddle of the lawn mower after months of not being able to.

This place feels like it has magical powers….

…once again.

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