Hello FEARLESS Home!

The selection of this house for the fearless home series was my brother’s excellent idea. In the late 1800’s in Sweden when most interiors had dark wood furniture and a very serious vibe. Famous artist Carl Larsson and his wife Karin designed their home with strong wild colors, and all kinds of crazy painter happiness. You might have seen some of his famous paintings of this beautiful home.

This couple was seriously ahead of their time!  Their home still serves as insane inspiration hundred years later.

At a time when people had dark dining sets, theirs was bright red.

He painted lots and lots of paintings of his family in their home.

Happy entrance.

Red floor in the 1800’s? How cool.

Image via lotten blog.

How clever…a sleeping cabinet? Bold blue DIY chairs 100 years before it was popular.

His son’s colorful desk.

The main area. Check out the green lines defining the walls. Move over Lonny magazine…!!

Another happy sleeping alcove.

This was Carls’ bedroom.

Karin’s home made room divider.

Don’t you want to just go home and paint your walls after seeing this?

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