Hello FEARLESS Home!

Your home is for you, nobody else.

I always get a kick out of homes that are completely fearlessly designed.  Whether you love them or not, kudos to the person who feels free enough to express who they are in their home. Instead of following trends or hoping people will like it, they just go for it. This is Christina Anguilera’s previous home.  It’s not so difficult to see what kind of person lives here, what she is like and what her profession is.

Don’t you think?

Think this home follows just about every sentence written in our MANIFESTO.

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6 thoughts on “Hello FEARLESS Home!

  1. I get your gig about fearless decorating and use of color but this house is too crazy and there is no consistency. It looks like some designer with a hugh unlimited budget and a child with unlimited money did this house. Your work is much better!

    1. Love your comment Darren. That's the pretty much the whole point, you can really see who lives there! I'm giving kudos to anyone expressing who they are whether we like it or not!!

  2. This is witless not fearless..absolutely embarrassing. I do hope as she moves through life she acquires a sense of style and balance in color and design.

  3. Dare I the the owners have good taste! It's just over the top, poorly put together and the rooms don't speak to each other. I can spot some great "elements" here and there. In design school, one of my Professors use to always say, "You can do anything you want. You just can't do everything you want." I think this was an attempt at everything.

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