This is my favorite new blog series that includes YOU!!  So excited to share LiveLikeYou readers and customers fantastic style!  PLEASE ALL OF YOU SEND US YOUR PICTURES OR SNAP SHOTS so we can share how YOU design your room with one of our signature products! You absolutely do not have to be a design professional, we want your own fun vibe!! We’ll be sharing professional pictures as well as a lot snapshots, so please send them our way, if you would like to be on the blog.

We’re kicking it off To kick it off with designer Amanda Brooks beautiful home from At Home in Arkansas.

I’m thrilled to see how AWESOME our Emerald Regency pillows look in Amanda’s beautiful pink living room.

How great are the pink walls?

Emerald Regency velvet pillow.

Have a great weekend!

And yes don’t forget…snap some PICTURES!!!

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  1. Very, very, very nice!!!! What a great marriage – Amanda's gorgeous home and your FANTASTIC pillows!

    Where are you hiding? I have called you back twice! Miss you!

    Foersoker igen senare idag!



  2. Your pillows look great! Thanks for the lovely photos. My next home will be pink, green and white. It's so nice to see pictures of spaces that aren't cottage or too girly for inspiration.

  3. Actually pillows has a great power to enhance a house and their decorated furniture beauty. I like your awesome pillows and wanna decorated my newly built house very gorgeously. I think I have need to buy stunning pillows to decorate my house. I will send my house pictures as well as pillows when Its decorated will be completed. I hope that time you will give me positive idea. Thanks

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