Great Color MIX – Cobalt & Coral

What color should I paint the room? And what colors work together?

Those are the two questions I probably get more than any other by my design clients, blog readers and friends.

Picking two main colors that create the main theme for the room is the best way to start a design. That gives you a perfect base and you can then add and play with accent colors from there.  Finding unusual color combinations is one of my favorite things to do.  Often I start a design selecting two colors that at first seem to clash and then I try to solve it by adding a third.  I love that challenge.

So I thought I share some of my favorite color mixes every month.

On my mind today is:

Cobalt blue has been a favorite of mine, since I did Luke’s room and I love seeing it softened with coral.

Image via Lonny.
Designer Summer Thornton uses it with great success in a client’s office.

Hutton Wilkinson did his dining room with true Tony Duquette flair.

I had fun using coral and cobalt in a nursery board series for Fieldstone Hill.

MONOGRAM carpet in Sapphire & Apple.

Design by Summer Thornton/Image via Decorista.

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3 thoughts on “Great Color MIX – Cobalt & Coral

  1. It's amazing how strong it can look, just placing the color swatches side by side, but to see it in a real space (especially with the warmth of the gold) it really comes to life and is inviting and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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