Good Luck Mom!

Finally the day has come….My sweet little mom is full filling one of her long standing dreams this weekend. She is flying off to Kathmandu with a friend to trek around the base camps of the Himalayas.  For 10 days my mom and her friend, two fit ladies in their seventies will hike from camp to camp. And I have to admit I’m nervous!  I want her to be safe! I know I’m probably ridiculous… I’m so proud of her and so inspired that she is taking this trip.  She always says she wants memories and adventures…not things. She’s bringing a digital camera and has promised some blog posts about her travels on LiveLikeYou as soon as she returns.

We get so stuck in our daily patterns, with work and school and responsibilities, and we forget sometimes there’s a whole wide world out there with amazing things to show us.

I love you mom! With Luke at the airport in DC last year.

They have planned their trip out getting advice from a Swedish journalist.  They take off Monday from Stockholm to Saudi Arabia, then on to Nepal.

My mother loves nature and hiking, I know it will be an amazing memory!

The world is fascinating…

…and beautiful.

Good Luck MAMMA, and be safe!! And come home soon!

If anyone of you have been there PLEASE leave a comment with some tips or information for my mom!

P.S. If you have time this weekend hop over to the cool blog Sadie & Stella to see some of my bedroom makeovers!

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11 thoughts on “Good Luck Mom!

  1. Good luck to your mother! She has a great outlook/motto, "wants memories and adventures…not things."

  2. I was there for several months, but so long ago it'd probably be unrecognisable now. But I doubt the temperament of the Nepalese has changed much and they were pretty laid back, friendly and accessible people. I found it an easy place to be. The hardest thing? All the goats' heads sitting on tables outside meat shops looking at you. The most fun? All the cake shops, relics from the hippy era. Loved Nepal, and I'm sure your mum and her friend will too. All power to them.

  3. Good luck beautiful Jill's Mamma! Sending tons of good energy. She will be coming home with great memories and seeing everything in vibrant colors (just like her daughter).



  4. Good wishes to your momma. What an amazing experience to tuck under her belt. I hope one day I am as fortunate (and brave.) I haven't "lived" in a long time and this is inspiration to get off my butt and make memories for myself and children.

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