Get the Look & Paint colors: Summer Cottage

Did you see last week’s inspiration post on the Summer Cottage look?

Here is PART 2 of that Style study and how to add some of that look in to your space. We have selected a few irresistible items that create the warmth of a stylish and timeless Summer country house. Always mix hi, low and vintage and only add in your home what you LOVE.



1. Audra Slipper Chair in Plum

2. Black & White Bone mirror – email us at [email protected] to order

3. Waterhouse wallhangings

4. Miller Floral Loveseat- email us at [email protected] to order

5. Souers Light Blue Settee – email us at [email protected] to order

6. Gold and White Estrella Pendant Light

7. Black and White Spotted Headboard- email us at [email protected] to order

8. Imperial Accent Mirror

9. Blue and White Lauderhill Urn

10. Summer Nights Wallpaper (can be ordered via designer or us)

11. Hyde Park Chair in Peacock – email us at [email protected] to order

12. Water House wall coverings (can be ordered via designer or us)

13. Bone inlaid Mirror- email us at [email protected] to order

14. Blue and White Marcela Urn

15. Audra Slipper Chair in Pink 

16. Audrey Tufted Upholstered Bench

17. Upholstered Headboard in Floral Blush

18. Joyce Fringe Daybed – email us at [email protected] to order



We have selected a few great country paint colors that will look beautiful on your wall.

Remember this look and vibe can work anywhere. If you love this vibe use it anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a country place, it can be your city rental, a downtown apartment, an office.   The point is to find what inspires you and create what you love.

If you need help with a paint color scheme, hop over to ROOM-FIX and grab our current deal on PAINT FIX use code FRESHPAINT at checkout. We create a paint color scheme for your house. Via pictures and getting some questions answered we will help you avoid costly and annoying paint mistakes.



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