From Screen to Reality!

Seeing something on the screen and translating it to an actual interior is tricky! When you shoot a movie there are often just backdrops, and occasional rooms that are being styled to create the perfect shot.  Talented set designers trick you in to believing a scene is part of the house, but it might just be a backdrop in a whole other shooting location.  So piecing together an actual design for a home from the movie Mamma Mia I had to take some serious artistic license! I imagined what it could look like, and I had to “clean” it up as the movie interiors were dreamy, but a bit too “shabby” to suit daily life.

So perhaps if you had  Greek Island home your entry would look like this…(this is today’s launch e-mail blast)


(Don’t forget to grab the discount code off the suitcase.)

Inside I’ve sourced a slew of products for the rooms that are not exactly what was in the movie but that gives you the same feeling.

I studied the movie endlessly.

The set designer drew this original rendering of what they thought the master bedroom should look like. Pretty cool!

Original movie rendering

Then they set their idea in to action and created what we all fell in love with.

Here are some movie stills from the master bedroom.

Image Mamma Mia

Meryl Streep with her “daughter” in her lap.

Surrounded by lavender blue walls and a sea or red and white fabrics and carpets.

Image Mamma Mia

I had to come up with what the rest of the room looked like, and had to select furniture that would work and that I loved. So my rendering is a bit different…

It’s toned down. I created a design that can be used in a house, or apartment — not necessary a country house in the Greek Islands.

Water colors by Erika Ericsdotter.


Then a printable mood board with design advice on how to pull the room together.


Here’s the movie set rendering for the kitchen…can you imagine what an amazing country kitchen they had planned?

Original movie rendering

The kitchen appeared a few times in the movie….Remember Pierce Brosnan singing? And “Dancing Queen”?

It had a beige/gold wall.

I reimagined it in a more modern setting. And selected some pieces that can easily fit anywhere in an eat in kitchen.

Water color by Erica Eriksdotter.


A selection of painted pieces that conveys the look enough!

Here is the printable mood board from the site.


You can hop over and take a look at the rest of the rooms. Everything is live on LiveLikeYou today.

I’ve been wanting to interpret movie interiors with a usable guide for people to create in their homes for a long time.  I have a long line of TV shows and movie’s with interiors that left me swooning planned for LLY.

If you have a favorite movie interior or TV show set you love, please let me know!!

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7 thoughts on “From Screen to Reality!

  1. What a fun project!! Loe seeing the original set renderings and Erika's fun illustrations. I know a lot of us love checking out the interiors of the movie sets – one of the many reasons Nancy Meyer's films are so popular!!

  2. I just came across your site. I LOVE it!! Beautiful! I love the interior from Mama Mia. I would love to see your rendition of Something's Gotta Give… 🙂

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