Friday Dresser Makeover

There are so many makeovers going on my head is literally spinning. There are furniture pieces being made over for my own house, for clients, for the LiveLikeYou rooms, for friends…and for no particular reason other than they just have to be made over.  My garage is now officially a furniture factory. Thankfully some pieces will be shipped out next week so I can have some space for my car!

Here’s how it typically goes…I spot something in a store…

…get a quick Iphone picture. I prefer to buy from places that support a charity. If a piece has the right measurements, good bones, good wood etc. I buy it.

I bring it to my furniture factory aka garage, and call my go to guy Omar.  I think of how I envision the piece.

I pick a color….for this piece ORANGE.

I pick a finish…SHINY LACQUER.

I select hardware color and finish if the hard ware is good enough… for this piece SHINY CHROME.

Does it need to be fixed?  Yes, this one could use a new back.

Since I sell a lot of these redesigned pieces I want to make sure they’re done professionally.

So Omar, lightly sanded it, added a new back, primed it, painted it, fixed it….

….and today it looked like this:

A shiny orange lacquer chest with shiny chrome hardware.

Makes me wonder sometimes why we always buy new things. This is now as good as new.

The hardware stands out more with chrome.

I had the inside done in orange lacquer as well, however I’m thinking of adding wall paper inside.

Now all it needs is the right home.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!!

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30 thoughts on “Friday Dresser Makeover

  1. I often see pieces too that i think would be perfect repainted, but I always think paintin it myself will result in not such a great finish, but have no idea of the cost of professional refinishing. Could you give me an idea?

  2. pure magic! U make it sound so easy when you sum it all up into one post, but I know it takes a lot of work …. my sister and I are redoing a lot of pieces in her room right now, so definintely been saving a lot of your fun projects for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Our garages are cousins….both come from a long line of the "furniture factory" family! Great post…love your humor and style! Omar looks like he likes his pic taken…does he know it goes on the blog, maybe thats way he looks so happy!!!

  4. Love it Jill!!! Can't wait to use your pieces for clients!! This piece would MAKE any room.
    Also- the wallpaper will be the perfe t touch!!

  5. Great makeover Jill… would you share what shade of orange you used, and did you use a spray lacquer in latex for the top finish? Lots of work!!!

    1. Hi Sarah, the paint we used was Benjamin Moore Fiesta Orange 084 in high gloss finish. Only primer, then that in two coats.

  6. Hi Iris, he uses a sprayer to get a more even finish and because I want a perfect finish. But you could easily just paint it as well.

  7. OMG you had me when you said the word orange. Then glossy. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! How visionary of you to see a dated piece in a boring brown stain and to see it in glossy orange! I love it..though we are building a very traditional home I want my own small home office to be in orange and blue. Want something bold but colorful, happy and crisp with plays of white. I LOVE how this came out…where will you use it? So wonderful..thanks for stopping by my blog. WIll be back here for sure!

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