FINISH your house!!

Yesterday a reporter came to my house to check out the interiors for a shoot, and to get some design ideas that people can do in their own homes. It was a PAINFUL reminder of how neglected my own house is, except for a couple of rooms. Perhaps it’s only me, but I never have time to finish my own home!! It’s always last on a LONG to do list! Walking around yesterday and making excuses for lamps with no lamp shades, an unflattering mix of Mediterranean pieces, mixed with Hollywood regency was CRAZY! A designer’s house should look fantastic-shouldn’t it? It was the kick in the butt I needed to finish my house. I love mixing all styles and looks, but this unfinished mix is just that…UNFINISHED.

So instead of sitting here writing down a private to do list, I’m sharing some design ideas.


For the Master bedroom – a fun upholstered headboard in a bold color…

…maybe orange with nickel nail heads, or white piping?

Orange and brown bedding in a Greek key pattern…I really like this.

(Image via Habitually chic)

Love this bed curtain….but I’m thinking regular curtains like this in the master bedroom would look great. Cream with a wide brown band – very chic.

(image via Shelter)

A cool sunburst mirror, or…

…or perhaps this gilded bamboo mirror.

That takes care of the updates in the bedroom…

The LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN area is screaming out to be rescued!!! Here are some products and looks I like.

Time to get rid of the Pottery Barn chairs..instead perhaps vintage Frances Elkins bar stools? But can this look go with a Mediterranean terracotta tile floor?

I WANT THESE!! Maybe I need to move so I can buy them?

White cowhides have been on my radar lately…but are they practical with kids, animals and high traffic?

Wood animal heads for the double height ceiling.

Of course some bold color touches like turquoise….

…and bold yellow, and also purple.

For curtains…again some Greek Key trim perhaps like this…

I don’t think I’ll tire of this look…haven’t yet. Really Greek Key anywhere…

(Image via Knight Moves)

…perhaps on the carpet?

And of course ZEBRA!

Yes I haven’t tired of that yet either. I have a zebra printed cowhide in the foyer, but I still want zebra somewhere unexpected…

…perhaps zebra curtains in a room? Will I get tired of it?

Maybe just this cool garden stool?

Or WALL TO WALL ZEBRA to get a true zebra fix once and for all? With an orange ceiling!

OK, I’m getting off track…

But some version of this room will be in my next house. Or some daring client…

PLEASE…force me to finish my house!!!


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9 thoughts on “FINISH your house!!

  1. No, but close…in most rooms!!! My husband and I just had this conversation last night. It's ridiculous…but, there are so many factors…especially that big one called money, and it's close cousin…time!

    Jill, let's motivate eachother! I have rooms that the wiring was completed 2 years ago for sconces that I try to conceal with large candlesticks….and windows without draperies…thank goodness most people don't notice!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun projects. Great ideas!! Loving the orange ceiling, such a pretty orange. Good thought about the chairs possibly not matching the terracotta floors, but maybe because they are white in the photo…if you paint them like a turquoise, they may look better with the floors. Good Luck, and keep us posted 🙂

  3. Pretend like your house is going on the market. I didn't finish my house until I put my house on the market and sold it. I could have kicked myself for not finishing it so I could LIVE in it.
    Now, my advice on some of your ideas: I have white cowhide and it is dirt shows up on it. It's like a white dog, the dirt just falls off of them. (Even when the dog does his business on the rug, it cleaned up). Zebra stool is fab…Orange sofa? Also fab. Color, color color…

  4. Have I finished my house? Never…I just reupholstered a small ottoman and added some nailhead trim, redid my breakfast chair cushions and added wonderful fluffy brush fringe to them, painted the powder room and removed the dated clouds on the ceiling, and am getting ready to reupholster the two side chairs in the living room once I find the perfect fabric. And when that is all done it will be for a new couch in the family room, trim added to the drapery panels in the living room and probably a paint job again. It is never done and that is why I love it!!! Good luck

  5. Good idea from Karen about pretending your house is going on the market. It's true that when you look at it that way it motivates you to jump in and just do it! Love all your ideas, especially the gilded bamboo mirror and the greek key design on bed linens and rug. You will never tire of them.

  6. I'm inspired when I saw this home decorations although this time I would like to start decorating my house for this coming winter and I really need to get some good interior design ideas.

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