Finally – we bought a house!

It took 14 months.  But the wait was worth it.

After an exhausting LA house hunt, having bid on 5 houses we finally get the keys to our new house tomorrow.  Just last month we felt hopeless as the previous house we had in escrow turned out to have geological issues that could not be fixed.  Feeling exhausted and questioning this LA thing very briefly, this sweet ranch house came on the market on my birthday. What a perfect birthday present!

It’s funny how life works out sometimes…when you are let down or loose out on something, it’s often just because something bigger and better is around the corner. You just don’t know it.

We had to bid on the house without seeing it since we were away and competing with other buyers. When I finally saw it – it “had me at hello”.  And meeting the lovely Swedish neighbor that same evening I knew the house was meant for us.  It’s a charming ranch style house with amazing views in a magical mountain setting with a distinct European feel.

While perfectly cared for, it has not been rebuilt since -67 so it’s just asking to be renovated!

2014-10-29 13.01.27-2 copy

This week I’ve spent  lot of time thinking about what homes really mean.

We read a lot of stuff about style, design and interiors in design magazines and blogs. It’s all about looks and things and can sometimes feel shallow.  But in reality between those walls life will take place.   Those rooms is where a lot of your precious time on earth is spent. So the impact of a home is huge.

While we say we “own” a home, we’re just really the caretakers for a while.  We fix them up, make them ours for a part of our lives.  Then “our” home sells and someone  else will create memories in it.

Yesterday, I met the super sweet owners of this house to do the final walk through.

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 4.08.05 PM

They moved here from Germany many, many years ago.  Wolfgang had been a busy cabinet maker in town.  They decided to get a smaller place closer to their kids.   It was so special meeting them knowing that they had lived here filling the house with good energy.

And what good care they must have taken of it. Wolfgang cleaned the pool and fixed things even at the walk through!

2014-11-17 14.20.01-1 copy

The house is in a neighborhood, yet totally private on a hill.

Starting tomorrow, design plans and major renovations await. I hope you’ll come along for the ride as I’ll be sharing the process every Wednesday here on the blog.

I’m looking forward to what this new chapter may bring!


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