Finally…an updated bedroom!

We’ve been waiting all winter for snow to fall in Sweden, so a Town & Country winter shoot could take place at our house. The magazine’s plan was an authentic Bergmanesque magical winter shoot.  NO such luck, all winter there was nothing but a light dusting of snow. The warmest winter in Sweden in years.  While we’re waiting for snow (nothing in 6 months!) the head design editor resigns from the magazine.

Bummer. Oh, well.

So since we never got to go home, I took Luke out of school this week and headed to Sweden.  Construction is going on in the guest house, rooms need to be updated, and most importantly Luke needs some time with his grandparents.  Two new shoots are on the horizon, so I’m going to work on updating some stuff this week.

The first change I made was to add my new BANG BANG duvet design in the master bedroom….

Definitely need to invest in a good camera, but you can see with these snapshots what it looks like.

It’s a strong pattern in red. This duvet design is also available in KOBALT BLUE, BLACK and TURQUOISE on the site. We’re still waiting for all the samples to shoot it. Can’t wait for some professional photography!

I shot it with the Josef Frank chair, and the vintage painting and lamp. A bit bohemian.

The BANG BANG EURO SHAMS. I tried different styling. In the background is the blue and white bedding from Urban Outfitters, in the front a Suzani pillow.

I think this bedding can go in a modern room, but also in a country style room.

This room has a distinct country vibe with country florals and all white wood plan walls.

Here it looks more modern.

This is the BANG BANG Eurosham again. It also comes in a Standard sham. We just don’t have pictures of it on the site yet!

Vintage find that I use as a pen cup.

While I’m snapping this summer scene in here…..

…what happens?

Over the lake a sudden windy storm pulls in…a SNOW STORM!!

20 minutes later the front yard looks like this:

Luke, his cousins and the neighbor’s boys had to quit their soccer game, after being pummeled by hail,snow and strong winds.

I love the cool snowy spring weather in Sweden. The air is so fresh.  And this fireplace warms the entire room.

One second it’s spring, one second winter.  I guess it’s a typical April over here.

Looking forward to Easter and Swedish Easter witches this weekend.

Here’s to a great week!

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