Easter celebration – Malibu Style

Hope you had a great Easter!

Luke and I celebrated Easter  with some Swedish friends high up in the mountains in Malibu overlooking the Pacific. Just a 15 minutes drive from where we live now, we were remote up in the Santa Monica Mountains with the most incredible ocean views you can imagine.

We’re looking for a house to buy and trying to figure out the best lifestyle….neighborhood in the city or further out by the ocean? Ahhh….decisions, decisions…

The hike they took us on was out of this world.

photo 2(2)

It started right above the house and as far as you could see there was the big blue.

photo 1(3)

Kids and dogs came along, some smaller dogs like “Bubba” had a particularly comfortable hike up as we took turns carrying him if the sun felt too hot. He falls right to sleep the second someone picks him up.

photo 5(1)

And hour and a half later we made it to the top.  You can see past LA and Santa Monica in the background. (In case you are ever in the area this hike is called Tuna Canyon. Really worth a visit!)

photo 5(2)

You can see mountain ridges far up north when you look in the other direction.

photo 1

The kids playing in the horizon.

photo 4(2)

So majestic.

City versus mountain living with ocean view. What would you pick?

photo 2(1)

Here’s the home they stayed at, Swedish vibe in Malibu.

photo 2

Could you wake up to this every day?

photo 3(1)

We ended the three hour hike with wine in the sunset right here.

Not bad at all….



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