Design details make a clients space

It’s ALL in the details. How many times have you heard that?

Sometimes honestly…you can easily trick people to have a certain impression of a space, but that’s as long as you don’t have a closer look!! To really create a space that last a long time,  and particularly when I design for a client and can’t “cheat”, I love making sure that small patterns, colors and details interact.  I had my I-Phone along during an install, and took some quick snap shots.

A sunburst mirror in shiny silver above the fireplace, and my favorite accessory of the moment, turquoise Foo dogs.

The cool geometric pattern on the mirror. Like the bright mirror against the espresso brown wall.

Love the great color combination and pattern on the dining the room carpet.

The Greek Key pattern on the custom made living room rug. Just this subtle pattern around the edges of the entire living room makes the room for me. (And the dog too!)

Christine Matthai’s amazingly beautiful “Liquid” print. Again love the liquid pattern on the dark wall.

I subtle detail like square arms and glass on the Vaughan chandelier mixed with the old ceiling medallion modernizes the space.

Before we hung the mirror… Like the mirror pattern with small geometric library carpet in tan and brown.

Fun vintage animal ceramics we found.

And the Greek key pattern on the Ballard Designs door mat. Little details everywhere make the space.

I have yet to get this client’s house photographed to share.. (soon!) Hope you all have a great summer weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Design details make a clients space

    JILL, when will you show us more of Christine's work????
    So proud and happy for you,
    as always!

  2. Yep – details can make or break a room!

    Love the Greek Key pattern rug. Understated elegance. Love the dog too!

    Jag aer ledsen att jag inte har haelsat paa oftare. Jag aer stressad som en utter, Jill! Faar beraetta naer jag ringer fraan Oregon naesta vecka!

    Kan du maila mig dina nummer igen?

    Kramar i massor!


  3. Design is in the details! And these details are wonderful! I love the silver starburst mirror above the mantle and against the orange wall-you did a great job! Happy Monday!

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