Christmas, Glogg and Saffron rolls

Happy Holidays!

Christmas shopping barefoot among palm trees I kind of forgot it was Christmas.

First year in California is disorienting because you keep thinking is still August.  But after a long flight to Sweden Christmas arrived after all. Although we’re missing out on snow here, it’s still very much Santa’s territory…

If you are up for the most delicious Swedish Christmas drink I’ve added links on the bottom of this post to two things really worth trying this holiday season. GLOGG and SAFFRON ROLLS!

A green Christmas around here.

But plenty white inside.

Santa is getting ready in the laundry room. Same routine every year.

Fake tree to save some trees….

And on a cold wintry night…

…you must try some—-GLOGG

It’s a mulled wine drink that all Swedes drink during the holidays. Check out the recipe on link above.

(If you want to spice things up you can also pour vodka in it). It will certainly help you warm up during the coldest days.


Saffron rolls are perfect with Glogg. Check Ewa from Delish recipe in link above.


All images are from INSTAGRAM@JILLSORENSEN – join me there!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas, Glogg and Saffron rolls

    1. Hej Ewa jag letade efter lussebullar pa din site men kunde inte hitta. Va bra nu sitter lanken til din sida dar! God Jul!

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