Bring on the sunshine!

It’s the time of the year when I’m always wondering what the heck I’m doing living in Washington DC? It’s gray, freezing, dreary and windy outside and everyone is sick it seems like. For President’s Day weekend we had a trip to Miami planned, which we had been looking forward to so much, but then Luke got sick.  So we stayed back and missed out on all that sunshine.  I’m sure there is a study somewhere that says you live longer in sunny and warm climates. While I can at the moment, only dream of living like that, I’m thinking of ways we can bring the sunshine inside….

Interior design Lee Kleinhelter

Sunny artwork, a happy carpet,  yellow lamps…

…a sparkly cabinet…

…a “citrony” breakfast nook with a lemon chandelier. Here I could pretend I live in California or Florida.

A yellow carpet (Dwell Studio) would help the doldrums…

Interior design Palmer Weiss

…a sunny breakfast banquet…

…and egg yolk colored bedding ensemble….

…an old fashioned wallpaper in yellow….

Perhaps paint some chairs yellow….

…or a wall….

…or a bathtub?

Or design a staircase that makes you smile…

…or a paint a door that jolts you awake….

…add billowy yellow curtains in your living room and pretend the sun is shining all day long….

…a headboard, dress, stools,frames…..really anything…

I’ll settle for just some pillows…

…even just a bright sunshiny poof!

Just bring the sunshine back!!!

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10 thoughts on “Bring on the sunshine!

  1. Mmm…what eye candy! I love the bold yellow artwork, the fresh white and yellow breakfast nook and the yellow carpet from Dwell! And you really can't help but smile when you see those sunny stairs! 🙂

  2. Hope your son is feeling better! So sorry you didn't get a little fun in the sun…but the yellow inspiration is just gorgeous….loving anything that Lee Kleinhelter does….she is an amazing color talent. (and you are too, I must say.) Oh, and the Celerie Room is a favorite as well.

  3. l-o-v-e the staircase … so bright and sunny … yellow definintely makes me smile even on the worst, coldest days! Too bad you guys missed Miami .. sounds very nice this time of year 🙁

  4. After seeing all those pretty yellow images, I'm mentally ready for my metro commute 😉 Hope you and your son get to Miami soon so we can see the pictures and pretend we were there too! Haha.

  5. Hi, I just popped in to see my emails and there you were!! Thanks for leaving a comment, so glad that you did or I would have never found your beautiful blog!! such wonderful sunshine pictures. I live in Calif. and believe it or not we are suppose to have snow in the San Francisco bay area. Crazy weather throughout the U.S. I am looking at some sunny yellow daffodils on my desk and they look beautiful with all of the above images. Keep warm and have sunny thoughts, KS

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