Behind the scenes!

When a magazine shoot takes place at your house, particularly a national magazine shoot, you might think the place is just photographed just like it is. Well it’s not exactly so…

It kind of feels like moving day…as items are switched out and moved around.

Here is a little behind the scenes in the living room.

This pretty and talented lady, field editor Bonnie Broten zooms about the house and makes all kinds of beautiful floral arrangements.

Yes no wonder she’s blurry, because she is always moving!

And another kind, fun and talented person, “elusive” photographer Gordon Beall made sure every frame was beautiful.

Yes, that’s him behind the gladiolas.

While I’m sitting with my laptop in the library- there is action in the foyer…

Luke is getting briefed about his modeling stint…

(That’s Erica Ericsdotter’s gorgeous Lily painting in the background.)

And I needed to get in to the action too…Gordon does these cool effects where humans are blurred out in the image showing action.

To make me blurry, as a special effect, I had to move in slow-motion. Something I wasn’t very good at. Couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t they know I get a double chin when I look down??? Please!

Sure Gordon was glad his specialty is interiors, not old ex-models.

Lily my fantastic assistant checked in here and there. Here she is with Gogo, Gordon’s great photographer’s assistant.

Don’t you love it when talented do their thing? And are super nice and fun too?

These people don’t miss a beat, real pros!

Bubba however was a bit disoriented…

…behind the scenes. His star turn never came, he was just moving too fast!

Oh, well what’s a tiny dog to do?

It’s all very exciting, will share what and when closer to the date! Thanks to Bonnie and Gordon, and Gogo.

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11 thoughts on “Behind the scenes!

  1. Haha! Looks like everyone was busy! Also looks like fun too! I always enjoy getting a peek into your home:-)

    P.S. Thanks for the kind words:-)

  2. ohmygosh!! this is so exciting!! what mag is it?!?! i can't wait to see it…and you couldn't look bad if you tried your hardest!! Super excited about your new rugs too…I think one would be perfect in my entrance hall!! xo

  3. Love it! Love Gordon too — I've worked with him and he is great. Please let us know when this is published!

  4. I love the way you have written the whole article. Your ideas are innovative and I find lot of new things here which I did not get anywhere else. Totally worth reading, Thumbs up!

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