All you need is BLACK

Framing or outlining anything with black is something I’ve been a bit addicted to for a while.  It can be anything, a border on a carpet, a curtain, a shade,  a black and white geometric fabric, an shiny black entry door.  It just makes everything so instantly elegant and glamorous.  In rooms I would never have thought of adding black before I now want to add black.  I even find black walls elegant, and not only in restaurants and night clubs. It can feel surprisingly cool in your own home.


My number one addiction might be a simple white curtain framed by black ribbon. So instantly elegant and crisp.  Remove the black accents in this room and it would be a whole different feeling.


A black and white striped carpet is very dramatic and works great with any color. Here it’s chic with gray and white and wood.


This image is from a store I’ve been to in Nolita in Manhattan.  This image is from Lonny Magazine.  SO chic! The floor is even painted in a nice zig zag pattern.  And that curtain would look great anywhere!

A black wall in a bedroom via Elements of Style feels very modern. It looks surprisingly great paired with an antique bed. How cool.


Black and white stripes never feels out of style.


Black, white, gray and brown and lucite – what’s not to love?  Great shiny black door.


Love  the black velvet couch with white legs.   Another great black and white curtain.


I like even just adding a sisal with  black border in spaces.  It defines the area, gives it some elegance.  Great in a kitchen.  It works in traditional as well as modern interiors I think.


Or in a bathroom with black molding via The Lettered Cottage.


Another addiction-black dramatic hotel bedding!!  Love this one by Hilary Thomas.


Black wicker. Elegant and instantly formal and cool.


Black and white might be an unexpected  color choice in a sun room/ porch. Looks great with sisal.


Amazing black floor, and how great with a black ceiling. Designed by talented Kelly Proxmire.

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6 thoughts on “All you need is BLACK

  1. "I see a red door and I want it painted black.." Great photo's and black is always so chic!

  2. Love black, to me it's a classic. The way things pop and are defined by the rich darkness of it appeals to me. For many years I have been on a kick painting so much of my stuff black, file cabinets, doors, windows, stairs…… Many wonderful images you found to highlight black. xo

  3. I'm coming back to black, too. Was purging a little but missed it. 🙂 Is that a tiny ol' fashioned black box TV in the first photo? That totally cracks me up because that would be me if I weren't married to my husband–fabulous room and piddly TV. Ha! I'd still have the TV I had growing up in the 80s if it weren't for him.

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