A stay at Kragga Mansion

Our trip to Sweden sadly came to an end this week.  But instead of opting for a sad goodbye and stay in a depressing airport hotel, we decided on another adventure.  To break up the four hour drive to the airport in Stockholm my friend Monica, Luke and I stayed overnight at Kragga Mansion, another one of c/o Hotels amazing old properties that dates back to the 14th century. Perhaps you read about last years stay at the haunted Haringe Castle?  These places make me swoon! If you ever visit Sweden, I highly recommend them.

We started out driving three hours on one of Sweden’s biggest highways. Yes, this is what highways look like in Sweden. One lane roads….

Just not enough people for the five lane freeways  I guess…

After some maneuvering we finally found the entrance to this old place.

Can you resist a tree lined street? It always makes me so curious what will be at the other end of it…

This is what we found…Kragga Mansion.  You can read the history of the home here.

My favorite part about staying at a property that c/o Hotels own and manage, is that you always feel like you are the private guest of someone.

Photo op on the front stop. We stayed this casual all the way through dinner.

The big decision of the night was deciding on what room to eat in…

The dining room?

Perhaps the living room?

The pretty blue down stairs dining area?

(I was obsessing over this great blue color – the back wall shows the color correctly.)

Cool accessories!

We decided since it was a perfect evening to dine outside.

We would eat in front of the lake in these castle like dining sets. That’s the wing of the property where we stayed in the back.

Next to beautiful roses!

How could you not want to enjoy this view?

The sun shines until late in the evening, so better bring your sunglasses when dining outside even late at night! Luke’s hat wasn’t enough.

As the evening progressed it got a bit chilly and the blankets offered by the hotel came in handy. Luke wore his as a cape, and ran the length of the yard down to visit the lake cottage and famous sauna.

The perfect spot to finish off a glass of wine! A lot of old Swedish homes built these little funny buildings down by the water to dine our have drinks in. The houses were built further away to stay away from the cold water front. Really anything to stay warm in Sweden!

I love the dramatic Swedish summer sitting wrapped in a blanket and breathing fresh air.

Ho cozy chic is this?

Swedes are big on fur covered chairs, for one reason, to warm up your behind!

L-O-O-O-V-E-D this spot!

I want a space like this, a cottage just to sit by the lake and be cozy!

And enjoy the natural beauty.

We headed out to have a look at the sauna at the end of the dock.

Just really enjoying the night.

Checking out the hotel from afar, that was once a private home.

And then we retired to our small but cheerful room.

Have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts on “A stay at Kragga Mansion

  1. We love having you over! Did you get a chance to try Afternoon Tea at c/o Krägga Mansion? You must visit c/o Grythyttan Inn next time you are in Sweden, you'd like the history, the storytelling & all the quirky details!

  2. Ok seriously!?!? Wow!!!! What an amazing place. And that little space by the water is beyond cozy. Looks like you guys had an incredible time. Xoxo

  3. How beautiful! Since I have never visited Sweden or any of the neighboring countries, it was even interesting to see the picture of the highway. I have seen fur covered chairs in magazines, but knowing more about the "why" and "where" of this chic look makes me want to cover a chair with fur, perhaps more than one. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so this makes sense to me. The pictures you have shared of Sweden over time have been so lovely. I must visit Sweden someday! Thank you for sharing photos of this beautiful mansion!

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