A room for a stylish, fearless female!

Life is simply too short not to express yourself with interiors, and what better time to start then right when you are born?

When real estate agent and designer Casey Napolitano¬† (@caseynapolitano) designed the nursery for baby Gemma clad top to bottom in our or BLACK GREEK KEY WALLPAPER she didn’t hold back. This chic, bold and sweetly feminine space filled with individuality is what happens when you decide just to “go for it”!¬† More is more, when done right can actually be incredibly peaceful.

We are sure sweet baby Gemma will grow up to be a stylish, fearless female in this space!

All photos by Rachel Owens photo.

Thank you for sharing this fun space with us Casey!

Congratulations to your beautiful family & a warm welcome to baby Gemma!


Inspired by Gemma’s nursery and in the mood for a feminine Greek Key look…here are some of what you can find…

Blush faux fur pillow // Asphalt Mark Embroidered pillow // Black Greek Key Wallpaper

Black Key Duvet // Black Key Euro shams

It’s so much fun to see the stylish and imaginative spaces created using items from the Jill Sorensen Lifestyle label, and nothing makes us happier than when you share them with us so we can share them to our followers.

Please e-mail us at [email protected] so we can share your space here on the blog.


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3 thoughts on “A room for a stylish, fearless female!

  1. Hi Jill, This.Is.Fabulous! I love to see your wallpaper used in this beautiful and sweet way. Gorgeous baby in a gorgeous room!

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