A few things that will be hard to leave behind…

Our summer vacation over here in Sweden is coming to an end.

Although I’m sad to leave next week, I’m ready to go back to work and to get our house in LA designed. Life here in Sweden is always likeĀ  a breath of fresh air and the few weeks of an uncomplicated lifestyle surrounded by family is so refreshing.

There are some things in our tiny village of Torp that will be hard to leave behind…


All the blue and green.


The relaxed and playful Pippi Longstocking inspired rooms.


The lake view.


My favorite mode of transportation.


The serenity and silence.


The overgrown guest house now home for Luke and his friend.


The most adorable nieces greeting me on the country road.


The so pretty that almost look fake sunsets right outside my bedroom window.

I hope your summer has been great so far.

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