If you are looking for some great inspirational reading this weekend pick up Susanna Salk’s new book  Decorate Fearlessly.  For all you “maximalists” out there every page is like a present. Whether you are a Tony Duquette fan, a Dorothy Draper addict, color lover, or simply have a love for the adventurous you will love it.   It’s filled with deeply personal spaces. Susanna’s quote in the beginning of the book might be my favorite.

A young designer asked her what made her select a room for the book? Her answer was:  “More than certain characteristics, it’s more like an indescribable feeling , like your heart is engaged in a tango with a delightful stranger, like you have the sudden urge to pick up the phone and call your best friend,  like how the thought of leaving fills you with sadness, as though a great novel ending”.  She finally said I suppose it comes down to these three words “Wow. Huh! Yum.”

And she couldn’t be more right. It’s all about how a space makes you feel. IMG_7798

The cover alone says it all.

photo 2(7)

You can spend hours looking at some of these interiors. And I love all the color!

And of course the coolest thing of all, for me…

photo 2(9)

…is being part of it. Thrilled to have my foyer included with some of my favorite designers!

After reading the book, and looking at this picture. Had I not know we were moving and it had to stay somewhat streamlined,  I would have torn out the stone floor, installed wood then painted it in some crazy pattern in the boldest colors I would have found.

Have  a great weekend!


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