5 tips for setting goals & following your dreams

Now is the time to reflect on the year that has passed, and make plans for the new one to come.

Looking back at 2014 I definitely made the mistake of being a slave to daily chores and responsibilities, instead of following some well written plan of action. Something I aim to change in a big way.

The great thing about a New Year is that you can wipe the slate clean and get a fresh new beginning. The next two days I’m going to steal some quiet time to clarify my direction, and write down concrete goals for 2015.  We finally will move in to a new home and I’ll get a big new office, so I’m super determined to get focused, grow my business and go after and accomplish all that I want.

Do you write New Year’s goals?

Here are some of great tips from great self help gurus on how to set goals and follow your dreams.

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1. “Raise your standards.  Yesterday does not determine where your possibilities lay tomorrow. Write down what you no longer will tolerate in your life, what you no longer will accept, and every single thing you aspire to become. Changing a company,  a country or the world, all starts with changing yourself.  The power that was available to some of the people who changed history, is available to you, if you just give yourself the courage to claim it. – Anthony Robbins



2. “Hand write your top ten most important goals every single morning to reaffirm them to yourself. Write them in present tense, as if you have already achieved them and attach a date. The simpler your statement the faster your subconscious can go to work on them. Every time you write down a goal you program them deeper in to your subconscious and you activate the Law of Attraction. Your start to see possibilities you haven’t seen before. ” – Brian Tracy

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3. Use a tree as a goal setting map. I’ve done it on paper and it made a lot of sense.  Here is an app that makes it easier and more detailed. TREED

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4.  “Write a personal mission statement that tells you what your purpose is, and what values will guide you on your journey.  It should be a personal compelling vision so you know where you are trying to head and what you want to leave. Try writing your obituary, the process gives you a sense of what you want to be remembered for.  Look at that mission statement every morning to start your day and set your intention, and then at night look at it again and ask yourself “How did I do today? Where there some things I could have done better? ” You constantly need to be proactive about what you are trying to accomplish. ”  – Ken Blanchard

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5.  And here is just my personal favorite quote “Be fearless and mighty forces come to your aid.”  I don’t know where it comes from but I heard Anthony Hopkins say it years ago.

It’s so easy to not do something because we are afraid of failure, or we worry about making a mistake. But the reality is…whether its leaving a job, a bad relationship, or moving, or anything else. Feel the fear, then take that first step anyway.

Once you do, tremendous power and strength will amazingly come your way.

Here’s to a fantastic 2015 and I hope all your dreams come true!













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