10 Things I Love About My Bedroom

Janell Beals is one of those inspiring people who fearlessly takes her own path, follows her dreams and with seemingly endless energy turns them in to successful businesses. I’m so excited to have her share her stunning bedroom on LLY today!  Besides her super blog Isabella & Max Rooms, she recently launched a fantastic online magazine House of Fifty.  My favorite part is how the magazine came about….She was approached about a big opportunity, but after the subject of her age came up it came to a dead end.  She felt rejected for a moment, but decided her best business opportunities were still ahead, she just had to create them herself.
So she started her own magazine! I can’t wait to cheer her on as she leaves whomever that was in the dust!!!
The second issue of her fun, beautiful magazine launches today!
You MUST hop over and have a look!!
Welcome Janell!!

I am delighted Jill asked me to participate in her series 10 Things I Love About My Bedroom! I am a big fan, and I’m laughing because Jill of course is known for her unique talent of being able to use unlimited amounts of color in a room with tremendous success. So what do I have to share? A room of neutrals! But, I do aspire and am taking color notes from her work!
1. The Upholstered Headboard Wall.
I love its strong presence in the room, and it was the first project tackled when I worked on the bedroom, setting the stage for all the other choices.
2. Table Lamps.
I appreciate them even more because they once looked like this:
Spray paint, fabric and trim transformed them and their large scale work alongside the height of the headboard.
3. The Vintage Pagoda Chandelier.
I found this fixture several years ago and am so glad I didn’t hesitate and jumped at the chance to bring it home! It’s not often I spy a fixture I like as much.
4. The Settee, with sunlight streaming in.
It’s a great spot to sit and relax, on rare moments. More often it serves as a handy place to lay out outfits when packing! That has to change…
5. A Bargain Directorie Table found at Target.
Just the right size for this little corner and it’s well made!
6. DIY Drapes with Contrasting Band.
This room is all about a mix of masculine and feminine and the graphic design here is a check in the masculine column.
7. The Art Wall.
A small wedding photo alongside framed bits of fabric and architectural letters adds interest to this corner of the room.
8. Comfortable, Warm and Soft Bedding.
It gets cold here!
9. The View from the Bathroom.
I adore how the pattern from the headboard is reflected in the mirror while standing at the bathroom vanity. The pattern fills the doorway, appearing nearly like a wallpaper covering the wall beyond.
10. A Simple Canvas.
With colors similar to the walls in the adjoining bath, this canvas brings the two spaces together creating a sense of unity between the rooms. And again, the sunlight creating shadows…a favorite aspect of this bedroom to be sure.
This room is filled with a long list of DIY projects, from bedding to pillows, drapes to lamps, showing that a room can be put together without completely breaking the bank!
Thanks again for having me Jill!

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14 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About My Bedroom

  1. I hate how age is such a concern in our society. Blah!

    On another note, I think I love the lamps transformation the most. Spray paint is amazing! Beautiful bedroom. I can imagine sleeping in quite nicely in that room! 🙂

  2. I cant believe how good your lamps came out. I also love your head board. Great Job! I posted House of fifty on my blog today. Check it.. Thanks

  3. First I have to say I love Janell and admire and respect her for the woman she is and Oh My what a wonderful talent she is!!! Her master bedroom is stunning. She is one DIYer that does projects that never look anything but professionally done. She almost makes me think I could do some DIY projects!! My favorite part of her room is the headboard and the lampshades. Love those lampshades. Great series!! Fun post. I think it is so important to love our master bedrooms. We start our day there and we end our day there. It looks like Janell has a perfect beginning and ending of every day!! xo Kathysue

  4. I love Janell and all that she does! The House of Fifty is one of my favorites. Her bedroom looks like a wonderful place to retreat.. I especially love how the headboard looks like wallpaper from the bathroom.

    I love this series Jill! Keep them coming. Enjoyed the chat the other day….one of these days we will meet!

  5. Janell is a rock star! I remember when she was putting this room together….and all of the great tutorials she did for us. It came together so nicely. Loving HOF also!

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