10 things I Love about my Bedroom

I’m so excited to have Angela from the fun blog The Painted House participate today and share her bedroom in her BEAUTIFUL cottage on LiveLikeYou!!  I’ve never visited her blog without a getting a good laugh, and a large dose of her lovely designs.


Hej, god dag, tjenare!  That’s “hello” in Swedish—did I get that right, Jill?  I’m Angela of The Painted House, and I’m so happy to be at Live.Like.You today sharing my 10 things I love about my bedroom.  Let’s go to our family mountain home, The Cottage, and I’ll show you around.

1. The Mountain View! The number one reason I love our bedroom is that it is in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains.  We live in Georgia, but every opportunity we have, we’re on that cottage like hillbillies on moonshine.

2. Sliding Vintage Door Entry to our bedroom is through an old pine door I painted and mounted to a wall track.  I love this alternative to a traditional door.

3. A Fluffy White Bed It looks like a cloud and it sleeps like one, too!  I love the uncomplicatedness of white bedding.  Easy on the eyes and easy to clean and a good place to catch some Zs.

4. Cottage on a Budget While cottage style is lovely, it isn’t my everyday style of choice—but I love getting a dose of it when we come to the cottage.  The entire house was done on a strict budget and tight schedule.  From the clearance Ballard Design outlet rug to the $14 Pottery Barn sconces and thrifted chandelier to the second-hand headboard, the leftover pieces come together for one pretty and simple room.

5. Custom Bedside Tables When I couldn’t find just the right bedside tables, I had a carpenter make these rustic parsons tables.  Just 2×12” pine planks!

6. Reading in Bed With a more relaxed schedule at the cottage, I get to indulge in reading in bed.  I’m usually catching up on a stack of magazines with my laptop open, too, while also watching…

7. The Black Hole It is so, so ugly, but I have to admit that I love watching TV in bed with my husband after we tuck the kids in.  Since we don’t have a TV in our bedroom at home, this feels extra decadent to laze around like this.

8. Woodsy Warmth The cottage was built in 1981 and has the original timber beam ceiling and pine floors that we kept during the 2008 remodel.  The cottage would not be the same without all that wood!

9. The 1921 Clawfoot Bathtub During the cottage remodel we enlarged the bathroom slightly to include a separate shower and bathtub.  But the only bathtub that would fit was an antique clawfoot—small footprint, huge charmer…and not to mention another perfect place to read.

10. Room at the Inn Definitely one of the best things about this room and the cottage in general is that it is enjoyed by many people—from friends to family to vacationers. (It can be rented on www.vrbo.com.) It is a very special place to be, and we are so happy to share the experience with others.  We just attended a friends’ wedding of which the groom proposed to his then-girlfriend on the swing looking out at the view.  It’s a making-memories place—what could be better than that?

Thank you, Jill, for having me over—I love Live.Like.You!

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12 thoughts on “10 things I Love about my Bedroom

  1. Angela! I simply adore your bedroom! Not only am I jealous of that mountain view, I'm totally inspired by your clever use of vintage items. Those custom bedside tables and that sliding door are to die for! You've done a wonderful job creating an inviting bedroom…no wonder you love it so much!!

  2. Angela! I am in love with your bedroom! You have certainly created a warm, inviting little world! I'm so inspired by the fabulous vintage items you've incorporated. You make me want to re-do my bedroom!!!

  3. The featured article about ten thing I love about my bedroom is really interesting. The huge bed ids what I like the most. Although there are less furniture maybe because the owner is minimalist but all I can say is that the room is refreshing. The white color make it more inviting. Thanks a lot for the photos shared. I must say you did a great job. More power.

  4. Angela is so talented because she can read magazines while she uses her laptop and watches tv all at the same time…oh and he can make things really pretty as proven in her home and her cottage.

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